Big Smile

  • November 29, 2018

Big Smile

After several strokes, Mr. D, was referred to Occupational Therapy for weakness in his left arm and leg, decreased dynamic standing balance, decreased activity tolerance, cognitive deficits, decreased motor planning, decreased visual perception, decreased fine and gross motor coordination and dependent with his IADLs.  His was only 57 years old, Spanish speaking, and had mild auditory processing difficulties.  He lived with his brothers who were very involved in his care.

His wife and daughter were living in South America and were relying on his income as a painter for daily needs and hoped to eventually come to Maryland to be with him.  He always came in with a big smile and willing spirit to do whatever he could do to get back to work to take care of his family.  Initially, he could only remember 1-2 items out of 5, unable to visually track to the left to avoid obstacles and fill out paper work, would become short of breath after standing for 5 min exercise, and fall to the left when standing.

After 2 sessions a week for approximately 3 months, he had made huge improvement.  He learned cognitive techniques that increased his ability to remember 5/5 items, remembered his address, improved fine motor skills for writing, improved gross motor coordination, normal strength in left arm and leg, and improved endurance for dynamic standing balance activities without shortness of breath or loss of balance.  He learned visual scanning techniques to compensate for the visual field cut in his left eye, so he was able to see obstacles in his path.  He had made such great gains in a short period of time, reached all goals, and able to return to work.  On the day that he was discharged his smile radiated throughout the gym as he gave everyone hugs goodbye.

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