Post-concussion syndrome/traumatic brain injury

A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can occur while playing a sport, after a fall, or an event that involves anything that strikes or vigorously shakes your head. A concussion is when your brain function has been affected. When you have a concussion you may experience headaches, decreased ability to concentrate, decreased memory, change in balance, coordination, and vision. Concussions effect are usually temporary but, each concussion’s affects build on the previous one, therefore, even a mild concussion can cause cognitive deficits.  Post-concussion syndrome is when the effects of the concussion continue for weeks and months effecting daily functioning.  Occupational therapist will evaluate cognitive, perceptual, balance, and coordination and develop a treatment plan to regain independent functioning.


As we age, we tend to accept the loss of memory as part of the aging process.  Maintaining and improving cognitive functioning is possible even with the diagnosis of dementia.  The brain responds to challenges, novel experiences, and exercise by developing more neuro pathways.  Occupational therapist will perform evaluation of all aspects of cognitive functioning to determine a plan of care to increase mental awareness, memory, and problem solving.

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