The Artist

  • November 29, 2018

The Artist

I had the pleasure of spending every Friday with a bright, energic, and imaginative 5-year-old being seen in Occupational Therapy for weakness, decreased gross motor coordination, mild lower tone, and decreased fine motor coordination.  He was referred to OT for handwriting issues that his teacher brought to his mother’s attention.  Initially, he was resistant to writing and doing any gross motor activities.

After, a few sessions of games/activities to increase overall strength, allowing him to choose his own fine motor activities, he began to be less resistive to drawing and writing.  His creative imagination came into our play (treatment) that would incorporate drawing maps, rules, and writing his name.  He began to choose to write and perform strengthening games during treatment.   After 4 months of OT, his parents reported that he is using his spare time to draw instead of asking for the iPhone, which was significant and called himself, an “Artist”.

He had developed a more natural grip on his pencils, pens, and markers and using one hand for writing consistently.  All goals met and it was time to discharge him from OT. He brought such energy and spirit to our clinic that his discharge was bitter sweet for us.  He promised to come back and play with me soon.

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